Colorful Paper Cutouts

Hi, I'm Annie!

I'm a power chewing Labrador cross Staffy who has heaps of energy and needs lots of physical and mental stimulation. Because of this, my human mum makes me enrichment treats to keep me busy and active. She loves sharing her ideas with our friends so she decided to start Annie's Enrichment.

Come join the family!

We hope you love our healthy dog treats and power chewer toys as much as we do.

All your trick or treat needs for this spooky season plus mystery bags and Halloween recipes!

Our recipe card sets come with 4 enrichment inspired recipes to help you start or continue your enrichment journey!

All our cat specific and cat safe treats and toys, all in one place! Felines need enrichment just as much as pooches.

Our Nylon Toy range is perfect for all those power chewing pups who destroy EVERYTHING!

Make dinner time more interesting with our tough, handmade snuffle mats. Available in two sizes with exclusive designs.


All our Puppy friendly products in one easy to shop place!

Long lasting treats for pups who like to inhale their food! From Antlers, to Kangaroo Tails, Pig and Cow Ears, we've got it all!

All the tools you need to make tasty enrichment treats for your pup all year 'round.

Spoil your pup on their Birthday with one of our exciting Birthday products. Or pick your own presents and have them gift wrapped!

Our kits come with everything you need to get started on your enrichment journey including; recipe cards, toys and treats!

All the tasty ingredients you need to make our enrichment recipes. Grab everything you need for a recipe or top up your stock!

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