Colorful Paper Cutouts


Based in Brisbane, we are passionate about long lasting enrichment for tough and clever pups!

We know it's sometimes hard to come up with new ways to fill your enrichment toys to mix it up for your pups. That's why we've created our recipe cards to give you some inspiration!

We were sick of having to go all over the place to get what we needed for our enrichment prep, so we decided to create a way that people could get what they need all in one place. 

We stock treats from other Australian small businesses because we believe in supporting local!

Annie is a big tough Staffy cross Labrador, so naturally we cater towards big, tough, clever pups just like her. We also understand that enrichment is important for any size pup, so our recipes can be used for any toy for any sized dog. Just make sure you are aware of your dog's dietary requirements and possible allergies before serving any enrichment treats. 

Got a question? Don't hesitate to reach out via or via our Instagram DMs. We're always happy to chat and offer advice!

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Please consult your vet about what types of food and quantities are right for your pet. Always give treats in moderation. These recipes are suggestions only. Please take into consideration your own dog's dietary requirements and possible allergies.

Always supervise your dog while playing with enrichment toys. No toy is indestructible.